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Everybody loves toys. No matter what age, if you get a toy you’re filled with an overjoying sense of curiosity. If you are repelled by toys you have some serious issues my friend. Toys have always been a part of childhood growth that also shapes the way a child interacts with and perceives the world outside home. Toys are a great social starter pack as well. To keep occupied a toy however fancy it may be or not, does the trick. New toys not only are exciting but are also a vivid way of enriching kids with essential skills and abilities that are developed simply through channeling focus and dedication to something that is sure to grow on everybody around. Just seeing your son or daughter fly around in a superhero cape is a beautiful sight.Faith in superheroes teaches children more than just admiring people; it also instills a sense of togetherness towards greater good.Such are many other toys that have influences on childhood, developing creativity, perspective, problem solving and promoting learning. Many toys designed have had a great effect on growing children, equipping them with skills that go along with their play time. What better way to learn than through fun. Before an age where sports begin to dictate growth among peers, fun games and toys can aid in the development of many life skills at a young age.

A few examples of toys and games that enrich learning, problem solving and develop creativity as well as social skills in younger children are listed here:
• Jigsaw puzzles
• Korner’d
• Yoga Spinner
• Abacus
• Rubik's cube
• Classic stacking and building toys
• Tangle Therapy
• WePlay Ruock N Fish
• uKloo Early Reader Treasure Hunt Game
• Lego

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