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Technology has taken a toll on everyday life, where almost anything is dictated by technology. From sales to stocks, from reservations to entertainment, technology enables ordinary life with that extra thunderbolt of access to information and communication. This may be good for a child growing up in the 21st century, where technological advancement is only meant to further. Do not confuse the use of technology with the right development of a child though. Technology has a fair share of drawbacks that can impact a child negatively. Although the moderate introduction of technology into a childs life is necessary to adapt to changing trends, the right kind of parental guidance is a crucial factor in ensuring positive growth. Too much is too bad. From severe impacts to a child health, stemming from sleep deprivation and overloaded stress to cognitive impairment influenced by the lack of practical exposure, technology can wrap your child in bubble that will be hard to break out of. It is necessary that although it may be easier, a child should not be heavily dependent on technology.

Relations in the information age have grown to suit the ever changing technological trends. Technology makes communication easier, keeping in touch better but also has a say in how we build relations today. A child should learn how to mingle with life outside, starting at home and taken from childhood to adulthood. If technology dictates relationships, the growth of a child can easily be swayed by the next best thing on the market. Relationships are what make life worth living and if a child can acknowledge the relevance of healthy relations at a young age, the better their life ahead would be. The future of our world are our children and if they grow with technology as a partner in keeping occupied, their view of reality would become rather deluded. It is important that children are taught the use of technology in the right way, stressing on the importance of physical interactions with their environments more. It is important that your child doesn't grow up obese or physically weak. It is important that your child doesn't grow with psychological issues like addiction.

The parents are responsible for any child's growth. It is however much easier today than it was earlier for children to get involved in negative happenings around. The internet is a window to both growth and destruction. The right kind of influence is necessary ad this comes from beyond a virtual world that technology provides. The right kind of influences are role models and enthusiastic encouragements to part take in activities that grow beyond a couch and a few devices to keep company. Invest in technology, it is important, but invest in nurturing your child even if it means sacrificing your love for technology.

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