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Technology enables ordinary life with an extra hand that can access to information and communication, but technology has a fair share of drawbacks that can impact a child negatively, the right kind of parental guidance is a crucial factor in ensuring a child growth positively. From intense impacts to a child health, stemming from sleep deprivation and overloaded stress to cognitive impairment influenced by the lack of practical exposure, technology can wrap your child in bubble that will be hard to break out of. It is necessary that although it may be easier, a child should not be heavily dependent on technology. Technology is everywhere now, in our homes, in our pockets, and perhaps worryingly for many parents, in our children’s hands. Today children’s are growing up in a high-tech world and it is an important part in modern world, so if we restrict then overly it won’t help your child, instead of restrict teach them about the negative impact and drawback of technologies. Teach your children about the respectable behaviour in online, a lot of children’s are bullied due to that reason and don’t let your child to use mobile at night after turn off the light.

    Give advice to learn about social media, and the different apps and games that young people may be playing. Online games, Videos etc can be very effective in keeping kids calm and quiet, but it should not be the only way they learn to calm down. We need to do other things to engage child and taught them how to handle emotions and manage free times. The internet is a window to both growth and destruction. The right kind of influence is necessary ad this comes from beyond a virtual world that technology provides. The right kind of influences are role models and enthusiastic encouragements to part take in activities that grow beyond a couch and a few devices to keep company. Invest in technology, it is important, but invest in nurturing your child even if it means sacrificing your love for technology.

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