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Summer vacation is a special time for kids. In India, most of the School students wait for the month of April and May. Even though, the vacation is the time of scorching heat, children forget all of it due to the true spirit of their Outdoor games. It is a very interesting and entertaining period for kids as they get chances to learn and enjoy swimming, explore hilly regions, enjoy ice-creams, visit families and make new friendships.

Apart from having fun, there are many things that should be taken care of and if the summer vacation is spend great it can turn fruitful in Child’s future. Accidents happen more during the summer due to the small carelessness from both Parents and children. Let’s make this summer vacation more joyful and productive by taking care of some precautions and following some important ideas.

Most of the children find shining sun and warm weather as a boon since rainy season is preferred for indoor games. Summer vacation is the time every child gets to flaunt outdoor games. If your kid does not obey you or he/she likes outdoor games a lot, as a parent it is your obligation to make sure you have applied sunscreen on the exposed parts of their body. Also, protect them with hats and sunglasses. The vibrant children would sweat a lot in summer heat and this can lead to water lose and they become dehydrated which can cause them to feel lightheaded and faint. In order to avoid this give them fluids to stay hydrated. Teach them to take breaks from the hot sun and spend some time in the shade in between their thrilling outdoor shots.

Most of the children learn swimming during the summer vacation. It is so much fun to swim in a pool, lake or the ocean in the scathing heat. It is very danger at the same time. Do not let children swim alone. Make sure they are either under your or Lifeguard’s guidance. It is very necessary to notice the weather before planning for a day for swimming or to learn swimming. Swimming in bad weather, like heavy winds, thunder or lightening can even lead to drowning. Pay attention to the directions from life guards like different colored flags that he/she waves which are certain hints for the swimmer. Make sure your pool is gated and locked so that your child doesn't wander off in the pool alone. A lot of drowning accidents in the summer can be prevented by following these simple steps.

Summer time is the best time for car rides to the beach or long trip with family or friends. Always make sure you and your children are buckled up, no matter how long or short a car ride is. Seat belts keep you safe even if the car you are riding in gets into an accident. It stops you from getting seriously hurt. In the summer, the car gets very hot very quickly. Kids are more likely to get a heat related illness than adults because they make more heat and cannot cool themselves. Just a few minutes in a hot car can be deadly for a child. So, never leave a child in a car alone. Also, use a Booster seat if a child is less than 8 years old or 80 lbs. and if a child is under 2 years old or less than 40 lbs., the child should be in a rear facing car seat.

Another summer activity that kids are fond of is the Bike riding. Bikes are lot of fun. There are high chances to hit your and your children’s head if you fall off your bike. Hitting head without a helmet will cost a life. So make sure to get baby helmets for your kids as well. If head is hit, it will hurt your brain which can make severe head injury that can even make it hard to remember things. Apart from bikes, when your kids are on bicycles, roller skates, skateboard or scooters, always make sure to put their helmets on. Make your kids wear bright clothes and reflective gear so drivers see them in the road. Teach them hand signals and guide them to use it to other bikers and cars when necessary.

Every summer vacation leaves at least a memory in every child every year. Those fun-filled memories wrap up a huge portion of every human being throughout their lifetime. A long school off is a must for every Child. So stay with your children for this summer vacation, follow some simple steps, guide them with the best ideas and make this vacation more productive and Beautiful for them.

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