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Rubik's cubes are a complex puzzle designed to improve problem solving skills, if you get a toy you’re filled with an overjoying sense of curiosity Toys have always been a part of childhood growth that also shapes the way a child interacts with and perceives the world outside home. Although it isn’t right to judge a child completely based on their interest in toys, it is right to say that the toys that children frequently associate with are what shapes their perspective in a massive manner.

Although many adults still haven’t quite figured a way around solving Rubik's cubes, children who indulge in this problem solving toy and crack the code quite often. This is because the arithmetic’s and geometry that bases the design of a Rubik's cube is a combination of testing memory power and hand and eye coordination. A similarity can be drawn between video games in terms of the interactive manner in which mobility is associated with arts. When the child begins to realize more about the Rubik's cube, they feel not only more confident in manipulating the puzzle but also rather intrigued at the prospect of assorting each face of the cube in a like manner. This teaches children observation along with application of observed patterns.Technologies dependent families usually witness their children grow with poor social skills. Outdoor activity nurtures the physiology of a child, while they learn to psychologically relate with peers of the same age group in a positive manner.

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